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The Atomic Guide to Basic Gimp Stuff

Here's a short listing of stuff I've found helpful in learning to draw cartoons.  However you get started, seeing and examining various styles will lead to your seeing more and being able to do more.  So, by all means, keep looking around!

Depending on how far you want to go into details and structure, you'll need to learn anatomy to some degree, if for no other reason than to get the bulges, shadows and shines in the right places.  There are plenty of pose books available, and I include some NSFW links dealing with drawing nekkid people.  You can put clothes on them later!

Build a morgue -- a directory of imagery you like snagged from the Internet:  Hairstyles, poses, postures, clothing, hands, feet, faces, etc.  Look around -- there may be a picture of someone in just the right position to help you draw that awkward whatever you need.

Guides and Tutorials
Candi's Tutorials - Starline X. Hodge - The basics of getting your drawing in the computer and coloring it.  Her section on Scanning and Line Art was my first understanding of how to make the all important Ink Layer.

The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course - John Kricfalusi - The artist behind Ren and Stimpy steps up and shows how You Too Can Draw!  The book he recommends by Preston Blair (Tom and Jerry, Droopy Dog, parts of Fantasia) is well worth it, too!

Worth 1000 - Colorizing Line Art - Skunk Duster - One of many tutorials on the Worth 1000 site.  It's the place to go for seeing the very best of graphic imagery creation and manipulation in their many challenging contests.  Their Drawing Hair tutorial is great, too!

Step by Step Sketching - Jay Naylor - The man behind the fine ink work of Better Days shows how he builds his characters in a few simple, effective steps.  Solid, basic construction methods for most any character you can think up!

Cartoons - Simple Style
The Order of the Stick - Rich Burlow - Teamwork and battles from within an adventure game.  Highly stylized simplicity and colors enhance great storytelling.

Tales of the Questor - Ralph Hayes Jr - Adventures of a young mage.  Basic line art and simple, effective colors.

PVP - Scott Kurtz - The office life of a computer gaming magazine.  Simple B&W line art and great stories.

Gene Catlow - Albert Temple - Life and drama in the furry community.  Simple B&W  drawings, great structure and story.

Cartoons - Medium Details
Schlock Mercenary - Howard Tayler - A long running space opera and comedy.  Fine blend of colors and details in a simple style.

Scary Go Round - John Allison - Friends and their Odd Adventures in England, Wales, and other nearby places.  Color and palette play their own role in the stories.

Kevin and Kell - Bill Holbrook - Family adventures of Rabbit and Wolf.  Simple, effective line art and colors.

Rouges of Clwyd-Rahn - Reinder Dijkhuis - Magical European adventures around the year 1000 AD.  Occasional nudity.  Wide range of color and detail according to the story.

Cartoons - Lush Design and Colors
Girl Genius - Phil and Kaja Foglio - Award winning steampunk adventures about a Girl Genius.  Check out the Sketchbook, too!

MagellanStephan Crowley - Life in a Superhero Academy.  Not as detailed as Girl Genius, but still gorgeous.

Atland - Nate Peikos - Barry died, the dope, but that won't keep a prince down for long -- Not with his friends, anyway!  Simple coloring, but highly detailed.  Tutorials also!

Bugsport - Ted Bastien - The Aliens landed, and moved to New England.  They sell Studebakers.  Lots of subtle detail, detail, detail!

NSFW Cartoons - (some nudes)
Pawn - Fredrik K.T. Andersson - The Adventurer vs the Demon by way of a game of chess.  Beautiful pencil work and dynamic postures.  Part 1, page 13, clicked for me on how to draw action and layout.  Someday, I should do so well!

Loxie and Zoot - Stephan Crowley - The friendly adventures of an Australian family nudist resort.  Realistic style up to where The Bare Pit starts (mirrors that site).

The Bare Pit - Stephan Crowley - The further adventures of the above in a more cartoony, simpler style.

Jack - David and Katie Hopkins - Death isn't so simple after all.  Violence.  Fluid pencils and colors.  Dynamic postures and movements.

Art and Drawing Blogs
Wonderful things to look at and learn from.

Funny Cute - Katie Rice - Happy sketchs and more from the woman behind the women of Ren and Stimpy!  Excellent instructions on drawing face, nose, and mouth -- John Kricfalusi says so!

A-HAA! - The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive - Wide ranging collection of animation and cartoons from the beginnings of film and illustration to recent.

Drawn! - The Illustration Blog - The best of current and classic illustration arts.

Ursla's Sketch Blog - Ursula Murray Husted - A variety of drawing styles to examine and learn from.

So there you have it.  Check them out and sharpen those pencils!  The more you do, the more you can do, and the better you'll be at it!  Just remember -- by the time you're seeing them on the computer screen, the image has probably been shrunk by 1/3 to one half or more.  Practice by drawing BIG.  Have fun!