Team Banners and Icons

by Atomic

a.k.a ES*AllyMcBeal

Here are some banners and icons I made for various Quake III Clans and tournaments.  Newest on top.

Want some for your own?  Let me know!  

You can check out my site at TadpoleWebworks.Com for e-mail, or leave a note on the VogonHQ.Com forum
(and hope I see it).  More artwork at Deviant Art too.

Be very, very quiet -- I'm hunting... you!

Grim Fate - Full Size


Vogon FFA Tourney

Ah, the sheer romance of sneaking up on people
 and blasting them with rockets... 

Sergio - Full Size
Happy Halloween to a really nice guy
who's terribly misunderstood

.Creeper - Full Size

Even Monsters can have some class!
Absolut Gojira - Full Size
One more who couldn't resist....
Kimmy - Full Size

A personal icon for a personable player!

Kitty - Full Size
Team Smurf liked the group banner, so they wanted
an Icon.  Here it is!

Team Smurf - Full Size

For the fun folks of Team Smurf, their very first group shot!

Team Smurf

In honor of the Sith Lords, who won the first two CTF Tournaments, and their new recruits...  

The Other Sith Lords

For the second Vogon CTF Tournament - June 2008
2nd place - again...

Elite Soldiers Banner

For the first Vogon CTF Tournament - April 2008

(We got 2nd place!)

Terrible Tadpoles

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